Our store

Yes, it’s official… we have just launched our store today!

At first our new store will be selling products made by GamesWarp Studio – which is essentially a one-man run endeavor to bring you our games, source code, project templates, and other assets designed specially to run on Scirra’s Construct 2.

Our assets come under a Royalty Free License, which can be summarized as follows: You are permitted to use a purchased asset in up to three commercial projects and an unlimited number of non-commercial projects without any restriction. Read the full license description here.

Of course, don’t think that we will be limiting the store’s inventory to just these products at the moment, we will also be accepting games (even as part of game bundles) and products by other people like you. Please write to editor@gameswarp.com to enquire.

Here is what available on our store at the moment (as of 27 Aug 2014) and all prices are in US Dollars. Please click on an image to find out more about it OR click here to visit the store’s main landing page.



[Addon] GamesWarp Studio Effect Pack #1 – US$9.99

Game with Source Code


[Game with Source code] Fuzzball’s Fortress – US$19.99


[Game with Source code] Nurture or Neglect? – US$15.99


[Game with Source code] Trial of Taijitu – US$15.99



[Template] Geomorphic Gauntlet – US$7.99


Construct 2 Shader Effects #13 – Voronoi Effect

Here is the 13th shader effect from GamesWarp Studio – a three layer Voronoi shader effect. Take a look at the demo below to see the effect in action. You can click the image logo at the top to randomize settings as well as to toggle layers 2 and 3 on and off. We sincerely hope you like this!

To view the embedded app on this page as a standalone page, click here.

The shader comes with 15 input fields and works best at maximum height and width settings for your game or application running on Construct 2. Here is a description of the 15 input fields:

  • the first parameter allows you to choose between a Chebyshev function or the more conventional one in generating the Voronoi effect.
  • the second and third parameter allows you to toggle on and off the 2nd and 3rd layers,
  • the next three parameters govern the thickness of the lines used for each of the 3 layers,
  • following that, the next three parameters let you program the zoom factor for each of the 3 layers,
  • the next batch of parameters allow you to set the velocity for each of the 3 layers, and finally
  • the last 3 parameters control the red, green, and blue color of the entire Voronoi effect.

To download the Voronoi shader, please head over to our Patreon page and consider contributing any amount for our effort. You will get to download the file once you become a patron (even if you are only “supporting” – we are still happy you are interested in the shader effect). Alternatively, we also welcome your donations of any amount which you can send via the button found on the right margin. If you decide to pursue the latter option, we will then contact you and send you the Voronoi shader zip file with instructions on how to install it. You will also find the above sample capx demo project within. We welcome all queries and requests for this shader… you may also participate on the Scirra forum.

PS: The background image can be found at Wikimedia Commons.