GamesWarp Studio is proud to announce the release of Nurture, a minimalistic colony simulation game designed using Construct 2.


The game places you in the role of God as you take to looking after Globs – cute little round blue beings whose role in life is only to blink (and to reproduce, of course).

Click on the link to try out the game.

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Nurture the Globs

Gameplay / Instructions

You cannot directly manipulate Globs, but you can shift the green-colored earth that they walk upon. The objective in the game is to use your mouse and drag the green tiles from under your Globs so that they can meet somewhere in their small confined game world of Globbledygook.

That’s right – to increase your population of Globs, all you have to do is to bring them together. After a while, a Glob becomes pregnant… and after a violent explosion that kills the Glob, new happy Globlings are born somewhere else into the world.

Clicking on any of the Globs will show you their current Hit points, Energy level, and thoughts. Try not to deplete their HP/Energy levels or Globs will shrivel up and die.

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Ladders are handy!

You will also want to drag and drop green tiles one top one another. Here are the possible things you can build:

  • Green tile + Green tile gives you food (represented by yellow GW coins). If you form a clear path to “food”, Globs will start getting healthy and stronger again. “Food” exposed to Globs will eventually be consumed.
  • Green tile + Food gives you a ladder. Handy for when you want a fast way of connecting Globs on different levels.

However, you must be wary as “food” and “ladders” cannot be moved around in the level.

There is a plus button in the game if you wish to see a close-up of the action. Use the WSAD keys while you are in this mode. Scroll to the upper right and click on the minus button to return to the normal view.

You win the game if you manage to get a total population of at least 200 Globs!

PS – The game runs best on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Preggers again…

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